Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Future

Lately I've realized that I'm just about half way done with my undergrad and still am not quite sure what I want to do exactly. And let me tell you, it absolutely scares me. Sure, I have some idea but I'm worried about waking up one day and completely regretting what I've done with my life. There are still so many questions to be answered. Do I find a job right after I graduate? Do I continue to get my Master's? If so, do I go into Public Health or is PA school right for me? Where do I go? What if I don't get in? These are the questions that keep me awake at night and stress me out daily. And after talking to a few friends, I'm definitely not alone. I've been in school the majority of my life so it's a little hard to imagine school not being there. Whoever thought you could call school a security blanket? But that's kind of what it is. College feels like a stepping stone where I still have that safety net before jumping into the "real world." Right now I'm getting closer to that last stone and hesitating on what direction to head next. Last night a thought hit me. There's already someone who knows what direction I'm heading and He has been preparing this path for a long time. At least I can be confident that no matter what should come I have all the support I need. It's just a matter of trusting a plan where I'm not quite sure of that outcome. That in itself is pretty daunting, especially for someone who doesn't like to go anywhere without directions. But maybe it's not supposed to be easy. This could be our major challenge: to give up control to someone who knows much more than we do. It would almost be cliche for me to quote "Jesus, Take the Wheel" right now, but think about's pretty much the truth.

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